Touched By Taiwan Leisure Tour Bicycle Experience

Touched By Taiwan Leisure Tour Bicycle Experience

This tour is all about experiencing Taiwan’s loving culture, delicious food scene and stunning landscapes, leisurely, via bicycle. When exploring on a bicycle, you’ll connect more completely with the local sights, sounds, and true nature of Taiwan’s vibe. Taiwan’s unique history and influence from the Chinese, Japanese and native people appear in a number of ways. On this tour,  you can expect fun times in the best restaurants (fancy and famous as well as small neighborhood style), riding bicycles on flat lands along stunning coastline, a mixture of historical sites, museums, and cultural centers that make Taiwan unique, and a variety of other means of travel to see stunning landscapes (car, train and boat). Taiwan is home to some of China’s most prized historical artifacts collections. The forests and mountains are beaming with life, home to native Taiwanese monkeys, fruit and non-stop vegetation. The food scene will have you constantly looking forward to the next meal. Have you tried bubble tea yet? The level of service you experience on this trip will be high. You’ll stay in luxurious hotels in the cities, and clean, charming accommodations in the small towns. You’ll be accompanied by guides and translators at all times, unless you tell them to buzz off. Our goal is to give you access to a completely foreign place and way of life, without being intimidated or worried about any of the logistics and unknowns. Once you land at the airport, you’ll be completely taken care of by us and every cost is covered (food, accommodations, transportation and more). Your trip will likely include time a bicycle everyday, unless you prefer to rest or enjoy the views from our support van. Riding difficulty will be easy to moderate. Travelers coming to focus on views, culture and history rather than ride time will find this tour perfectly suited for them. It’s a safe trip for solo travelers, families, couples and friends.

  • What To Expect

    - Greeting and farewell at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

    - Bicycles provided

    - Luggage delivery to each destination

    - Guides and staff taking care of you every day, on and off the bike

    - Translation Mandarin Chinese/English

    - Leisured and layed-back bicycle riding through interesting environments

    - Relaxation days to allow for walking historical towns, hiking, hot springs, and enjoying great accommodations

    - Riding will be mostly on paved road, but occassional dirt roads to get the best views are possible

    - Options to not ride are always available

    - Transportation will be provided with cars, trains, busses and boats

    - 4-star or better hotel accommodations mixed with clean and charming Airbnb stays in smaller towns. 

    - Experience eastern culture of the Taiwanese lifestyle

    - Historical, artistic and environmental experiences/options each day

    - All meals provided in a group; the most delicious cuisine of Taiwan

    - We can accommodate for different dietary restrcitions and food allergies

    - Taiwan has incredible dumplings, noodles, fruits, vegetables, hot pot & tea

    - Breathtaking scenery from as high as 12,000 feet, often above clouds

    - Taiwan is tropical, with a mixture of weather possibilities & typically comfortable temps

    - We can provide extra riding gear for you if necessary

  • What Is Included:

    - Exeperienced guides

    - Translators

    - 4-star or better luxury accommodations in the cities 

    - Clean and charming accommodations in the small towns

    - Luggage delivery to room each night

    - Shared hotel room

    - Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Taiwan's most delicious restaurants

    - Guides greet you and see you off at the airport

    - All necessary transportation including airport pick up and drop off

    - Tickets to enter national parks and hot springs

    - Photos and a short movie or you

    - Sig's Rides gift bag


    Available for additional price:

    - Single occupancy room at each hotel +$500


    Not included, but you can help yourself to:

    - Shopping

    - Alcohol


    * In some locations, we will remain in the same town for a couple nights. This will provide you the option to participate in the days ride or rest, walk around and enjoy the local town, hike, go to the spa, etc. In the event that you choose to opt out of the group itinerary for the day, you will not necessarily be supplied a tour guide. We will do all we can to assist you and accommodate your additional or alternate plans throughout your stay with us. 

  • Payment & Cancellation Policy

    Here is a breakdown of the price of each option:


    Single Occupancy Room +$500


    We'll help you prepare for your trip via email. You'll receive a confirmation after your initial payment.



    $500 to reserve your spot

    50% due 180 days before trip start

    100% due 60 days before trip



    Days To Arrival Cash Returned Option Credit Towards Future Trip
    > 180 days $100 fee 100%
    120 to 180 days 50% 75%
    60 to 120 days 25% 50% 
    0 to 60 days 0%  25%


    We are pleased to offer you an accommodating pricing policy. Our cancellation policy cannot be altered for any reason, including weather, terrorism, personal matters, etc. In the unfortunate event that you do need to cancel, please notify us via email.  If cancellation credit it to be used towards a future trip, it must be decided upon within 60 days of cancelling and the rescheduled trip must fall within 18-months of the cancellation or all money will be forfeited.

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