Guided Motorcycle Tour

Colorado Luxury - Relaxation Edition

 All-Inclusive - Colorado - 9 Days 
Ride, Experience, Rejuvenate!

Total Ride Distance - 908 miles

Total Ride Time - 24:15 hours

Daily Ride Time - 2:00 - 4:15 hours

Days of Riding - 7

Total Number of Trip Days - 9

Riding Style - Paved roads, relaxed, scenic, mountainous, curvy

Accommodations - Exclusive, luxurious, 4-5 star

Meals - High-quality, local, historical, cultural

Trip Locations - Denver, Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park, Winter Park, Mount Evans, Idaho Springs, Loveland Pass, Frisco, Leadville, Independence Pass, Aspen, Maroon Bells, Cottonwood Pass, Crested Butte, Big Horn Sheep Canyon, Broadmoor, Pikes Peak

   With this itinerary, we give riders and passengers the chance to enjoy a balance of both pleasurable ride time on the bike and rejuvenating relaxation time in every destination. This trip will give you an intimate experience of some of the most impressive locations in Colorado, including: Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, Mount Evans (highest road in North America), Crested Butte, Pikes Peak (home of the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb) and the Broadmoor. You’ll see breathtaking views and majestic wildlife usually seen only in magazine and movies. Expect a high-level of service and care.

   Every day is fully-guided and you’ll be hosted and taken care of at every stop along the way with four and five-star or hotels/luxury homes and Colorado’s tastiest foods. This is an all-inclusive trip; it’s your time to relax, take in the sights, and not have to worry about a thing. Colorado is well-known for having the highest Rocky Mountains in North America (more than 14,000 feet), a beautiful summer wildflower season, world-famous mountain sports, great steaks, beers, and legalized marijuana. Bringing a passenger or booking with friends and family on this trip is a great idea. Riding pace will always be kept safe and responsible for the conditions to allow riders of varied skill level’s to enjoy. 

 Advantages of Sig's Rides 

 The Best Choice - Colorado 

  • Small, local company that cares about you

  • Highly trained guides (coaches & interpreters)

  • Unmatched local knowledge and experience

  • Above & beyond personal service

  • The perfect balance of riding & relaxing

  • Highest road in North America (curves and views!)

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Not crowded and busy like California

  • The summer mountain lifestyle

  • Steaks and game, microbrews, marajuana

Denver  - Maroon Bells - Mount Evans - Aspen - Crested Butte - Pike's Peak

Day 1

Arrival & Dinner

Denver Airport -> Downtown

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Ride Time - 0:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Your Arrival Time - Greeted at Denver International Airport, (please choose flight that arrives at DEN no later than 6pm)

  • Upon arrival - Guide brings you luxury hotel downtown 

  • 19:00 group dinner and briefing to inform and answer questions

  • 21:00 guided-time concludes

  • Dinner: famous Denver modern cuisine

  • Accommodations: luxury hotel downtown

* Note: You are responsible for choosing and purchasing your own flights. This gives you scheduling freedom and ability to buy the way you like (money or points). Please plan arrival to DEN no later than 18:00

     This day is all about arrival, having a fantastic group dinner and preparing for the week of riding with a good night's rest.  You'll be greeted at Denver International Airport (DEN). Your guides will help you with your luggage and bring you to accommodations in downtown Denver, which is a vibrant and comfortable city to walk and explore. Your guide will help you check in and get settled.

     We will plan a group dinner for once all riders have arrived, to meet one another and give you a full briefing of the week ahead. After dinner, if you are recovering from jet lag, feel free to return to your room to sleep it off, or enjoy a bit more of the Denver nighttime vibe. Accommodations will be in the heart of downtown Denver to offer you a chance to experience the city's soul, shopping and eateries. 

Day 2

Bikes, Canyons & Fine Dining

Denver -> Canyon Riding - > Boulder

Day's Ride Distance - 70 miles

Day's Ride Time - 2:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 classic American breakfast at popular restaurant

  • AM - motorcycle delivery

  • AM - initial ride into Rocky Mountains

  • Lunch - historical mountain town eatery

  • Afternoon - canyon riding

  • 15:30 - arrive historic Boulder hotel

  • Afternoon - microbrewery tour

  • Dinner - one of Boulder's finest restaurants

  • 20:30 - guided-time concludes

  • Breakfast: classic American, popular Denver eatery

  • Lunch: historic mountain town eatery

  • Dinner: one of Boulder's finest

  • Ride: canyon riding through mining towns

  • Post-Ride: microbrew tour 

  • Accommodations: historic, luxurious hotel

     Excitement level on this day will be high. We'll fill your belly with a good traditional American breakfast before going to pick up your motorcycle. From there, we'll all throw a leg over our bikes and start our ride into the Colorado mountains, leaving the city life of Denver behind. You'll quickly get comfortable on your ride for the week.

     We'll cruise up canyons, into the Rocky Mountains, and get a feel for the Wild West culture that still exists today as we ride through small towns. We'll then stop for lunch in an old historic mining town. 

     After lunch, we'll carve down the canyons and into Boulder! Did you know that Colorado is one of the most famous places in the world for microbrew beers? We'll provide the option to tour an impressive microbrew facility or riders and passengers can choose to relax and enjoy Boulder at their leisure.

     We have a very high-quality dinner planned for the group at a restaurant where chefs take their job very seriously. Accommodations for the evening will be at historic, enchanting hotel. 

Day 3

Rocky Mountain National Park

Boulder -> RMNP -> Winter Park

Day's Ride Distance - 120 miles

Day's Ride Time - 3:15

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​7:30 breakfast at hotel

  • AM ride to interesting mountain town for coffee and folklore

  • AM ride into breathtaking national park

  • Lunch - catered, outdoor picnic in beautiful environment

  • Afternoon - ride to ski village

  • 15:30 - mountain town relaxation options (hike, spa, gondola)

  • 18:30 home-cooked, in-house

  • 20:00 guided-time concludes

  • Breakfast: hotel

  • Lunch: catered, scenic national park picnic

  • Dinner: in-house, home-cooked group dinner

  • Ride:​ national park, highest paved through-road in NA

  • Post-Ride: options for gondola, hiking, spa, and more

  • Accommodations: ski resort luxury home

     On this day, we ride through one of the most breathtaking national parks in the world. On the way, we will stop in a historic mountain town for morning coffee and tea then have a chance to walk through an interesting location with a famous, ghostly story. 

     As we begin riding up higher and higher, you'll see the landscape and ecosystems change! The high-alpine of the Rocky Mountains provides surprises around every corner and the national park is a sanctuary for spotting big game and interesting wildlife.

     Lunch on this day will be quite a treat. You'll have the chance to simultaneously eat a delicious meal while soaking in the natural surroundings as we cater an outdoor picnic for everyone. Today's ride will hit you with some very big views and impressive roads.

     The evening will give a taste the Colorado, summer mountain lifestyle. We'll have a family style meal, prepared in-house, to give riders and passengers a great chance to relax in a resort town for the evening and share riding stories.

Day 4

Highest Road - Mount Evans

Winter Park -> Mount Evans -> Frisco

Day's Ride Distance - 136 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​07:30 - in-house, home-cooked breakfast

  • AM -  ride over mountain pass to coffee

  • AM - ride to highest paved road in NA, 14,130'

  • Lunch - Colorado mountain style pizza pie

  • Afternoon - scenic way over the mountains

  • 16:30 arrive Frisco to relax 

  • 19:00 home-cooked dinner at luxury accommodations

  • 20:30 guided-time concludes

  • Breakfast: in-house, home-cooked group breakfast

  • Lunch: famous Colorado mountain style pizza pie

  • Dinner: in-house, home-cooked group dinner

  • Ride: highest paved road in NA and multiple mountain passes

  • Post-Ride: town walk, hikes, spa, happy hour, microbrews

  • Accommodations: luxury mountain home

     Often times, Day 3's ride brings our riders to the highest road they've ever ridden. But we are just getting started! Today, you're going to experience the highest paved road in North America. Talk about views!  

     Though, before we leave our accommodations in the morning, we'll prepare a hearty, satisfying breakfast for you to make sure you're up for the day's challenge. In addition to the highest road in North America, this day's route will also treat you to a couple of impressive mountain passes and bring you up and over the continental divide twice. Are you started to get a feeling for how many curves you'll get to ride on this day? Views are endless and you'll also have the chance to see some of the longest living trees in the world. Keep your eyes open for mountain goats, too! 

     After riding for the day, we'll stay in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, within short distance of many of Colorado's most famous ski resorts. Accommodations will be luxurious, comfy and allow us to prepare another top-notch home-cooked meal for you. 

Day 5

Exclusive Life of Luxury

Frisco -> Maroon Bells -> Aspen

Day's Ride Distance - 110 miles

Day's Ride Time - 3:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - ride to breakfast

  • Breakfast - locally known restaurant, highest town in USA 

  • AM - ride a legendary, summer only mountain pass 

  • Lunch - BBQ, Aspen style

  • Afternoon - guided, group gondola ride to top of Aspen Mountain

  • Sunset Ride - most iconically photographed spot in CO

  • 18:00 exlusive, luxury hotel relaxation

  • 19:30 dinner at phenomenal oyster bar

  • 21:30 guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: local restaurant in highest town in USA

  • Lunch: BBQ in Aspen

  • Dinner: phenomenal oyster bar

  • Ride: legendary, summer only pass & iconic photo spot at sunset

  • Post-Ride: provided gondola ride, scenic tea time

  • Accommodations: exclusive, luxury hotel

     Have you heard of Aspen? It's one of the most exclusive mountain towns in the world. It's also home to the most iconic view in Colorado. We'll take you there on this day. 

     This day is the full package for riders and passengers alike. The route offers huge views, including Colorado's largest mountain, the roads are mesmerizing, and post ride activities provide something special for everyone.

     With a shorter ride time, we'll arrive to Aspen early enough for you to pamper yourself and your passenger. You can walk the town, go for a hike, treat yourself to a spa treatment, and enjoy Aspen's numerous art galleries. We also have plans to give you a gondola ride to the top of Aspen Mountain for a special afternoon experience.     

     Before we enjoy a night of fine-dining, we'll take a sunset ride to check out the Maroon Bells. The maroon bells have to be experienced in person. We know just the right time they allow motorcycles to ride into the park. Now is your chance. Although the Winter X Games are typically hosted by Aspen, it's the summer time when this town truly shines.


Day 6

Sig's Favorites

Aspen -> Big Passes -> Crested Butte

Day's Ride Distance - 131 miles

Day's Ride Time - 3:45

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - local Aspen hot spot

  • AM -  relaxation in Aspen

  • Late AM - ride to the Collegiate Mountain Range

  • Lunch - best burgers in Colorado

  • Afternoon - ride of the newest, most breathtaking pass

  • 16:00 - coffee with Crested Butte character

  • 16:30 - optional hike to secret alpine lake

  • 20:30 delicious group dinner in specialty restaurant 

  • 22:30 guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: local Aspen hotspot

  • Lunch: best burgers & salads in Colorado

  • Dinner: specialty dinner spot

  • Ride: breathtaking ride to Collegiate Peaks

  • Post-Ride: Coffee and hike

  • Accommodations: luxury mountain home

     Today brings you to Gerry Sig's personal favorite routes and destinations in all of Colorado. The initial start to the day will be a little more relaxed to allow us to soak up the atmosphere and sights of Aspen, just a little longer. We won't want to hang around too long though, our next town is the absolute crown jewel Colorado.

     Today's route includes Sig's two favorite passes in Colorado, plus the best hamburger in the state to break up the ride and stretch the legs. If the ride wasn't enough for you when we arrive in Crested Butte by early afternoon, the town will certainly satisfy all remaining desires. This town is like no other place on Earth. Sigs has a special plan to give you the local CB experience. The residents are freaks of nature, chain businesses are not allowed, and the town sits in a valley so breathtaking, we dare you to try not to call it Heaven on Earth. 

     The evening will be fun with another fine meal as a group and more stories. It's common for visitors to immediately begin searching the local real estate listings the following morning before we leave.

Day 7

Big Horn Sheep Canyon

Crested Butte -> Colorado Springs

Day's Ride Distance - 195 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​07:30 - in-house, home-cooked breakfast

  • AM - ride over "The Crest" to coffee 

  • Post-coffee - ride through the land of Big Horn Sheep 

  • Lunch - in town of witches and fitness freaks

  • Afternoon - local canyon ride with a few stories

  • 18:00 - dinner at high-quality, modern restaurant

  • 20:00 - piano bar social hour

  • 20:30 - guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: in-house, home-cooked

  • Lunch: Mexican cuisine in a witchy town

  • Dinner: modern, hip restaurant plus piano bar social

  • Ride: over The Crest to a rocky canyon with Big Horns  

  • Post-Ride: historic, 5-star lifestyle options 

  • Accommodations: only one of the finest hotels in the USA

     We're riding back down in elevation today! You'll notice the surrounding ecosystems change. We will ride through rocky canyons such as, Big Horn Sheep Canyon, through a desert of Colorado, and arrive in Sig's hometown. Keep a look out for Big Horn Sheep, they can climb in unbelievable ways on the rocks.

     We'll arrive in an eclectic mountain town where witchcraft, super-athletic people, and natural spring drinking water are all common to stop for lunch before checking into our hotel for the evening. This mountain town sits at the base of Pike's Peak, so you'll have the chance to start eyeing up the world-famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb race course before you tackle it the following day.

     This day finishes with relaxation, meals and music at Colorado's finest hotel, which holds the record of longest continuous 5-star rating by Forbes Travel Guide. All of the riding inspiration from the week should help when it comes time to sing-along at the piano bar after dinner. 

Day 8

Pike's Peak & Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs -> Pike's Peak -> Denver

Day's Ride Distance - 146 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:15

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - breakfast at special, local favorite restaurant

  • AM -  ride a place fit for the gods

  • Late AM - ride one of the most famous race courses to 14,115'

  • Lunch - local eatery

  • Afternoon - ride the back way to Denver

  • 15:30 - return bikes

  • Post ride - chance to eat Colorado classics

  • Evening - special group experience to celebrate a great week

  • Breakfast: local favorite

  • Lunch: last mountain town meal

  • Dinner: Colorado classics and American meat

  • Ride: famous, awe-inspiring race course

  • Post-Ride: celebratory activities in Denver

  • Accommodations: luxury hotel downtown

     We hope you wake up well-rested and ready this morning, after a night in Colorado's finest hotel. We'll start with a ride over to a locally-owned breakfast restaurant, know for slow-cooking of quality ingredients. This is the final day of riding, we want to make sure you're well-nourished!

     This day of riding will truly be epic. The first portion of the ride offers a leisurely wake up through a park that is fit for the gods. After that, we'll start to gain vert. Have you heard of the Pike' Peak International Hill Climb? It's a world famous race to the summit of Pike's Peak, a mere 14,115'. We'll take our time up it to enjoy the views, but you can have fun imagining the racers' experiences as you ride the very same road.

     Once back down to Earth, we'll make our way back to Denver via the back roads that wind through a flowy, sweeping section of road in the foothills. We'll plan to arrive back to Denver early enough to return the bikes and enjoy a special celebration of the week's experiences together. By this point in time, you certainly created new bonds with your fellow riders, passengers, your riding skills and the precious landscapes of Colorado. 

Day 9

Celebrations & Farewells

Downtown -> Denver International Airport

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Ride Time - 0:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • Breakfast - rolling time for departures

  • AM Options - local market shopping

  • Transportation to airport

  • Breakfast: historic hotel meal 

     You did it! You just rode a motorcycle on some of the most spectacular roads in the world. No doubt that we are all feeling energized and grateful for the opportunities that motorcycles bring us, to experience the world, bond with one another and have fun!

     Because you choose your own flights home, this day will revolve around accommodating multiple different flight times and post-trip plans. We'll provide you a send off breakfast, transportation back to the airport, and our sincere gratitude for allowing us the chance to take care of you for the week. Maybe we will even have the chance to start discussing where you'd like to ride next! 

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What Can I Expect?

- Greeting at Denver International Airport (DEN)

- Motorcycle of choice, fully-insured

- Mechanical support

- Luggage delivery to all destinations

- Professional guides and staff taking care of you, on and off the bike

- Translation Mandarin Chinese/English

- 7 days of riding

- Optional hiking, gondola rides and hot springs

- Superb accommodations, elevations 6000'-9000'

- Riding as high as 14,130' for breataking views

- Delicious, healthy, high-quality Colorado cuisine 

- Paved-road riding

- Daily ride times of 2-4.5 hours, done casually  

- Western culture of the Rocky Mountains



*Colorado is famous for its craft beer and marijuana industries. You are welcome to enjoy either at responsible times and at your own expense. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies, please inform us of your needs.

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What Am I Getting?

Included in Price:


- Professional, exeperienced guides

- Routes chosen by local, experienced riders

- Translators (Mandarin/English)

- Exclusive, high-end hotels 

- Charming, luxurious mountain accommodations

- Support vehicle delivering luggage each night

- Shared hotel room

- All meals

- All transportation including airport pick up and drop off

- Motorycle rental, insurance and fuel

- Tickets and park entry fees

- Damage, liability and theft insurance

- Sig's Rides Pre-Trip Gift Pack

- Gift to commemorate your trip

"This was the coolest trip! Sig's Rides over-delivered and pleased my wife and I beyond expectations!"

- Derek, Miami FL

Not Included in Price:

- Shopping

- Alcohol*

- Marijuana*

*Help yourself to these pleasures when the time is appropriate. Riding under the influence is not allowed on our trips. 

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Additional Choices

Bring a Passenger!

Riding together is fun! Choose a comfortable bike and bring your loved one or friend.

+$3,700 USD

Treat Yourself!

If you like your alone time after a day of riding, request your own room in all accommodations!

+$850  USD


The sky is the limit and we are here to please. Would you like a motorhome support vehicle? Longer trip? Off-road?

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An initial, fully-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your spot. Six months before your trip we'll request payment of 50% of your total trip cost, with the remaining 50% due two months before departure. Email us your questions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why riding in Colorado?

It has some of the best riding in the world. 

Which airport should I fly into?

Denver International Airport

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Yes, from any country is ok.

How high is Colorado's elevation?

Our accommodations will be in towns between 5000'-9000'. We will ride on some roads as high as 14,130'.

Should I worry about the altitude in Colorado?

Only if you have sensitive health conditions. Most people do not face any difficulties from altitude on our trips; we take very good care of you.

Can I bring my spouse?

Yes! Spouse, friends, riding buddy, anybody can share your bike with you and their experience will be awesome! 

Can beginner riders sign up?

Beginners are welcome! Though unless you're a passenger, you will need to already have basic motorcycle riding skills.

Do you have smaller bikes available?

Yes, we provide bike rental options of all sizes. Feel free to tell us what you're looking for exactly. 

Is this tour guided?

Yes. This tour is fully-guided. You'll be well-taken care of by our team. 

What if all of my luggage does not fit on my motorcycle?

No problem. We provide a support vehicle that can deliver your luggage to each hotel. 

Is the motorcycle rental included in the tour price?

Yes! And also insurance against damage, theft and accidents. 

Do you offer travelers insurance?

No, but we can provide you information for a company that does. 

Is motorcycle insurance included?

Yes. You'll be fully-insured.


Is the $500 deposit refundable?

Yes. Your $500 deposit to hold your spot is 100% refundable if your plans change. 

Payment Policy

$500 to reserve your spot

50% of total due 180 days before trip start

100% of total due 60 days before trip start

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover credit cards. We can also accommodate other forms of payments. Email Gerry Sig at to request alternative payment methods. 

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