Route 66 & The American SW

Guided Motorcycle Tour

 All-Inclusive | CA-AZ-NV-UT-CO | 10 Days 
Ride the American Dream!

Total Ride Distance - 1650 miles

Total Ride Time - 33:45 hours

Daily Ride Time - 1:00 - 7:00 hours

Days of Riding - 8

Total Number of Trip Days - 10

Riding Style - mountains, desert, curvy, open, interstate, mostly-paved

Accommodations - 3-star or higher

Meals - local, historical, cultural

Trip Locations - Los Angeles, Route 66, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, Million Dollar Highway, Crested Butte, Mount Evans, Denver

 Advantages of Sig's Rides 

  • Small, local company that cares about you

  • Highly trained guides (coaches & interpreters)

  • Unmatched local knowledge and experience

  • Above & beyond personal service

  • Personal service, communication, & care package

 Highlights - Route 66 & SW 

  • Historical Route 66 (best parts w/out boring stretches

  • Two nights and a day off to experience Las Vegas

  • National Parks - Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Black Canyon, Zion, (Joshua Tree possible) 

  • Colorado mountain views, small towns, lifestyle

  • The most stunning photos spots of the Southwest

LA  - Route 66 - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - Colorado

Day 1

Arrival & Route 66

LAX -> Bike Delivery -> Route 66

Day's Ride Distance - 35 miles

Day's Ride Time - 1:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Your Arrival Time - Greeted at Los Angeles International Airport, (please choose flight that arrives at LAX no later than 14:00)

  • Upon arrival - Guides deliver your bike to you 

  • 18:00 check in to historic Route 66 hotel

  • 19:00 group dinner and briefing to inform and answer questions

  • 21:00 guided-time concludes

  • Dinner: LA cuisine

  • Accommodations: historic/unique Route 66 hotel

* Note: You are responsible for choosing and purchasing your own flights. This gives you scheduling freedom and ability to buy the way you like (money or points). Please plan arrival to LAX no later than 14:00

     This day is about arrival, getting your bike and starting down Route 66. We'll have a fun and informative group dinner to prepare you for the week of riding ahead.  You'll be greeted at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Your guides will help you with your luggage and bring you to your bike, and lead you down the start of Route 66. We'll get you checked in and settled at a unique Route 66 motel.

     We will plan a group dinner for once all riders have arrived, to meet one another and give you a full briefing of the week ahead. After dinner, if you are recovering from jet lag, feel free to return to your room to sleep it off, or enjoy a bit more of what LA has to offer. 

Day 2

Famous LA Riding Roads to Las Vegas

Denver -> Canyon Riding - > Boulder

Day's Ride Distance - 280 miles

Day's Ride Time - 5:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 classic American breakfast at popular restaurant

  • AM - ride classic and famous LA twisties

  • AM - coffee and hangout

  • Lunch - historical California eatery

  • Afternoon - highway cruise through the desert

  • 15:30 - arrive Las Vegas

  • Dinner - starting our time in Vegas right

  • 20:30 - guided-time concludes

  • Breakfast: classic American, popular LA eatery

  • Lunch: historic California eatery

  • Dinner: Las Vegas dinner

  • Ride: canyon riding and open desert roads

  • Post-Ride: Vegas relaxation 

  • Accommodations: Las Vegas Strip

     Today you're bound to be buzzin as we lead you on famous Los Angeles twisty roads and historic Route 66 through the desert. 

     After a good ol' American breakfast, we'll check out the mountain roads that have shaped California riders for decades. Then, you can open it up a little as we hit the open roads of the desert. 

     We'll treat you to some unique stops along the way and have lunch at a historic California eatery. We arrive in Las Vegas early enough in the afternoon to get some rest before we introduce Vegas to you with a delicious group dinner.

Day 3

Las Vegas!

Free Day in Las Vegas (optional Day Ride)

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Ride Time - 0:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - your choice, suggestions given

  • AM - your choice, suggestions given

  • Lunch - your choice, suggestions given

  • Afternoon - your choice, suggestions given

  • Dinner- your choice, suggestions given

  • Breakfast: your choice, suggestions given

  • Lunch: your choice, suggestions given

  • Dinner: your choice, suggestions given

  • Ride:your choice, options provided

  • Post-Ride: your choice, suggestions given

  • Accommodations: Las Vegas Strip

     Today is your day off! Go out and enjoy Las Vegas. We want to give you the flexibility and freedom to choose what YOU want to see in Vegas. We'll provide suggestions and options of where to eat, where to ride, and which tourist attractions/shows are best, but you're free to set your own schedule! Sleep in, go poolside, gamble, hike; you're free in Vegas. Go have fun!


*Because of the goal of giving you freedom on this day, meals will not be paid for by Sig's Rides on this day.  We have a great list of suggestions to meet any tastes. 

Day 4

Bryce Canyon National Park

Las Vegas -> Bryce Canyon National Park

Day's Ride Distance - 275 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​07:30 - local/hotel breakfast

  • AM -  ride out of town

  • AM - stop for coffee, tea, snack

  • Lunch - unique Utah restaurant!

  • Afternoon - scenic way to Bryce Canyon National Park

  • 15:00 arrive accommodations for check-in 

  • 19:00 dinner

  • 20:30 guided-time concludes

  • Breakfast: Vegas diner or hotel

  • Lunch: unique Utah restaurant

  • Dinner: small-town, local restaurant

  • Ride: open desert and twisty canyon roads

  • Post-Ride: hiking, sightseeing, relaxing

  • Accommodations: small town hotel

     Today we leave the exciting and wild times in Las Vegas behind for a change of pace and some natural beauty! We'll ride up through Utah's rural landscapes to Bryce Canyon National Park. Everyone knows about the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but do you know how cool Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park are?


We'll guide you on a special route to let you take in the views then we'll stay in a comfortable hotel to chill out. 

Day 5

The Grand Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Bryce Canyon -> Grand Canyon-> Page

Day's Ride Distance - 285 miles

Day's Ride Time - 5:30

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - ride to breakfast

  • Breakfast - Bryce Canyon

  • AM - ride to The Grand Canyon

  • Lunch - national park restaurant with a view

  • Afternoon - ride to Page

  • 17:30 early dinner

  • 19:30 sunset at Horshoe Bend

  • 21:30 guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: small Utah town restaurant

  • Lunch: catered lunch in national park

  • Dinner: small Arizona town restaurant

  • Ride: legendary, world-famous Grand Canyon

  • Post-Ride: sunset at Horseshoe Bend

  • Accommodations: clean and comfortable Arizona hotel

     Here is your chance! Ride a motorcycle to one of the seven natural wonders of the world. That is what we have for you on this day. We'll leave the Bryce Canyon National Park and head to another, perhaps the most famous, national park - The Grand Canyon National Park!


We'll treat you to a catered picnic looking over the Grand Canyon then head to Page, Arizona for the evening. After dinner in Page, we'll take in the sunset at Horseshoe Bend, a place that is quickly becoming popular. 


Day 6

Monument Valley - Feel Forest Gump

Page -> Monument Valley -> Durango

Day's Ride Distance - 288 miles

Day's Ride Time - 5:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - local Page restaurant

  • AM -  visit Antelope Canyon

  • Late AM - ride through Monument Valley & Mexican Hat

  • Lunch - roadside diner

  • Afternoon - ride into Colorado

  • 16:00 - arrive Durango enjoy walking the town

  • 20:00 delicious group dinner in specialty restaurant 

  • 22:30 guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: local restaurant in Page

  • Lunch: roadside diner

  • Dinner: specialty dinner spot

  • Ride: unique ride through famous desert landscapes

  • Post-Ride: shopping, hiking, river floating, relaxing

  • Accommodations: charming Durango hotel

     We haven't finished showing you all the breathtaking landscapes of the desert yet! Today we guide you to a classic. Remember where Forest Gump stopped running because he became tired? You won't have to stop as we pass through Monument Valley because you have a motorcycle! It's a beautiful place. 

On this day, you'll ride into Utah then Colorado, where we will relax for the evening in a town called Durango. This culturally important route passes through Native American lands and big, open spaces. 

Day 7

Million Dollar Highway & Black Canyon

Durango -> Crested Butte

Day's Ride Distance - 250 miles

Day's Ride Time - 5:15

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​07:30 - Durango diner

  • AM - ride into Silverton for coffee 

  • Post-coffee - continue riding the Million Dollar Highway 

  • Lunch - Montrose restaurant

  • Afternoon - ride Black Canyon National Park

  • 17:00 - Arrive to luxury mountain home

  • 19:00 - local Crested Butte cuisine

  • 21:00 - guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: Durango diner

  • Lunch: small town restaurant

  • Dinner: Crested Butte classic restaurant

  • Ride: The Million Dollar Highway and Black Canyon NP 

  • Post-Ride: mountain lifestyle relaxation

  • Accommodations: private luxury mountain home

     Today's ride goes from Durango to Crested Butte. We won't be leading you on the route that Google Maps tells you, though. This ride will treat your eyes to the unbelievable. Expect big views, some of the best roads in the world, and feeling like your in the Wild West


Get ready to experience Silverton, Ouray, and the Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park. This day thrills us at Sig's Rides! 

Day 8

The Heart of the Rocky Mountains

Crested Butte -> Idaho Springs

Day's Ride Distance - 180 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:15

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - in-house, home-cooked breakfast

  • AM - Crested Butte coffee shop

  • Late AM - ride Colorado's newest mountain pass over 12k'

  • Lunch - best hamburgers in Colorado

  • Afternoon - ride through America's highest town

  • Post ride - grab a beer in Colorado mining town

  • Dinner - Colorado style pizza pie

  • 20:30 - guided time concludes

  • Breakfast: in-house, home-cooked breakfast

  • Lunch: restaurant with Colorado's best burgers

  • Dinner: Colorado style pizza pie

  • Ride: breathtaking mountain passes

  • Post-Ride: beer in Colorado mountain town

  • Accommodations: comfortable mountain hotel

     Today we wake up in my favorite Colorado mountain town of all-time, Crested Butte! We take advantage of it  giving you a more casual morning to leisurely enjoy our luxury vacation home while we cook your breakfast in-house. We hope you like bacon! 

When we hit the road, we'll guide you over two of Colorado's most beautiful mountain passes, feed you the best burgers in Colorado, and enjoy riding in the hear of the Rocky Mountains. 

Day 9

Highest Road & Major League Baseball Game

Mount Evans -> Denver

Day's Ride Distance - 100 miles

Day's Ride Time - 3:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 - coffee and donuts

  • AM -  ride to the summit of Mount Evans (14,130')

  • Lunch - Mount Evans special

  • Afternoon - ride into Denver

  • 14:00 - return motorcycles

  • 15:00 - check in to hotel, downtown Denver 

  • 17:30 - Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball Game!

  • Breakfast: coffee and donuts

  • Lunch: Mountain Evans special

  • Dinner: all-American dinner at the ballgame

  • Ride: highest paved road in North America

  • Post-Ride: bike return, MLB game

  • Accommodations: Denver hotel

     I'ts our final ride day of the trip. We'll wake up and start the day with tasty coffee and donuts to wake up for Mount Evans. Summit it and tell your friends that you've ridden up the highest road in North America. Can you imagine the view from up there?


After Mount Evans, we'll bring you back down to Earth as we ride in Denver, where you'll be asked to hand over your motorcycle. We'll get you checked into your hotel for the evening so you can rest up to celebrate the trip by allowing us to take you to see a Colorado Rockies game. Let the story telling and reminiscing begin!  

Day 10

Farewells & Departure

Downtown -> Denver International Airport

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Ride Time - 0:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • Breakfast - rolling time for departures

  • AM Options - local market shopping

  • Transportation to airport

  • Breakfast: popular Denver breakfast joint

     You did it! You just rode a motorcycle on some of the most spectacular roads in the world. No doubt that we are all feeling energized and grateful for the opportunities that motorcycles bring us, to experience the world, bond with one another and have fun!

     Because you choose your own flights home, this day will revolve around accommodating multiple different flight times and post-trip plans. We'll provide you a send off breakfast, transportation back to the airport, and our sincere gratitude for allowing us the chance to take care of you for the week. Maybe we will even have the chance to start discussing where you'd like to ride next! 

Have a question? Don't wait, email us your question now. 

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What Can I Expect?

- Greeting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

- Motorcycle of choice, fully-insured

- Mechanical support

- Luggage delivery to all destinations

- Professional guides and staff taking care of you, on and off the bike

- Translation Mandarin Chinese/English

- 7 days of riding

- Optional hiking, gondola rides and hot springs

- Clean & comfortable accommodations

- Riding as high as 14,130' for breathtaking views

- Delicious, cultural and local cuisine 

- Paved-road riding

- Daily ride times of 0-7 hours, (includes rest day in Las Vegas)  

- Southwestern American culture



*Colorado is famous for its craft beer and marijuana industries. You are welcome to enjoy either at responsible times and at your own expense. We can accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies, please inform us of your needs.

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What Am I Getting?

Included in Price:


- Professional, exeperienced guides

- Routes chosen by local, experienced riders

- Accommodations - optimized to experience each location

- Translators (Mandarin/English)

- Support vehicle delivering luggage each night

- Shared hotel room

- All meals

- All transportation including airport pick up and drop off

- Motorycle rental, insurance and fuel

- Tickets and park entry fees

- Damage, liability and theft insurance

- Sig's Rides Pre-Trip Gift Pack

- Gift to commemorate your trip

"This was the coolest trip! Sig's Rides over-delivered and pleased my wife and I beyond expectations!"

- Derek, Miami FL

Not Included in Price:

- Shopping

- Alcohol*

- Marijuana*

*Help yourself to these pleasures when the time is appropriate. Riding under the influence is not allowed on our trips. 

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