Discover Taiwan &

California Superbike School

Guided Motorcycle Trip

 All-Inclusive | Mind-Widening | 9 Days 
Discover Taiwan +CSS!

Total Ride Distance - 900+ miles

Total Ride Time - 25:00 hours

Daily Ride Time - 1:00 - 6:00 hours

Days of Riding - 7

Total Number of Trip Days - 9

Riding Style - paved, mountain, coastal, racetrack, technical

Accommodations - 3-star or higher

Meals - local, cultural, delicious, unique

Trip Locations - Taipei, Taroko National Park, Lihpao International Circuit, North Coast, Alishan, Taiwan's most famous riding roads, California Superbike School in Taiwan

 Advantages of Sig's Rides 

  • Small, local company that cares about you

  • Highly trained guides (coaches & interpreters)

  • Local knowledge & experience (We live here!)

  • Above & beyond personal service

  • We understand what you need for a great riding trip

  • Trusted & worldwide reputation  

 Highlights - Taiwan & CSS 

  • Technical and breathtaking mountain roads

  • Taroko National Park

  • 2 days of California Superbike School at Lihpao International Circuit (new racetrack)

  • Interesting culture and caring people of the world's first Mandarin speaking democracy

  • Fine cuisine & traditional foods

Taipei  - Technical Mountain Roads  - Superbike School - Taroko National Park

Day 1

Arrival & First Group Meal

TPE -> Taipei Accommodations

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Ride Time - 0:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Your Arrival Time - greeted at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, (please choose flight that arrives at no later than 21:00)

  • Upon arrival - guides help with luggage & provide transportation 

  • Check into hotel & rest

  • 19:00 - dinner & briefing  (Taipei restaurant)

  • 22:00 - guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Taipei Hotel

* Note: You are responsible for choosing and purchasing your own flights. This gives you scheduling freedom and ability to buy the way you like (money or points). Please plan arrival to TPE no later than 21:00

     This day is about arrival and helping to get you recovered and rested from your flight.  You'll be greeted at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). Your guides will help you with your luggage, bring you to your hotel, and get you checked in and settled.

     We will plan a group dinner for all riders who have arrived early enough, to meet one another and give a full briefing of the week ahead. After dinner, if you are recovering from jet lag, feel free to return to your room to sleep it off, or enjoy a bit more of what Taipei has to offer. Those that arrive too late to join for dinner will be briefed when they are fresh in the morning. 

Day 2

Taipei Motorcycle Culture & North Coast

Taipei -> Famous 106 to Long Dong Wan

Day's Ride Distance - 150 miles

Day's Ride Time - 4:30

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00 classic Taiwanese breakfast at popular restaurant

  • AM - ride classic & famous Taipei mountain & coastal twisties

  • AM - coffee and hangout

  • Lunch - Taiwan coastal eatery

  • Afternoon - cruise through mountain towns

  • 15:30 - return to Taipei

  • After Ride - options for sightseeing, massage, etc. 

  • Dinner - phenomenal Taiwanese cuisine

  • 20:30 - guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Taipei hotel

     Today you're bound to be buzzin as we deliver your bikes to you and set off for your first ride in Taiwan. 

     After a good Taiwanese breakfast, we'll check out the mountain roads that have shaped the Taiwanese riding culture. Then, you can open it up a little as we hit the coastal roads of the north shore. 

     We'll treat you to some unique stops along the way and provide insight into the Taiwanese way of life. We arrive back in Taipei early enough in the afternoon to get some rest before dinner or for you to enjoy the sightseeing, culture, art, massage and lifestyle of Taipei. 

Day 3

Mountains & Sea

Northern Traverse -> Coastal Hwy 9

Day's Ride Distance - 200 miles

Day's Ride Time - 6:00

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - traditional Taiwanese with Western Options

  • AM - ride the Northern Traverse (mountain ride)

  • Lunch - restaurant in Yilan

  • Afternoon - ride the coast Yilan to Hualian

  • 16:30 - arrive at Hualian

  • Post Ride - options to explore Hualian or rest

  • Dinner- restaurant in Hualian

  • 21:00 - guided time concludes

  • Accommodations - Hualian hotel