Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taiwan safe?

Relative to most countries around the world, Taiwan is incredibly safe! It's common for young children as young as five to walk to and from school alone, even in the big cities. Ladies feel safe walking home regardless of hours of the day as well. The taiwanese tend to treat foreigners extra kindly. Their culture places a strong importance on being good hosts. 

Is a bicycle rental included or do I need to bring my own on the plane?

You can choose! If you love your bicycle and bring it, our mechanic will help you set it up when you arrive. If you prefer to choose one of our rental bikes for the week, that is a great option, too.  

Is my motorcycle rental included in the price?

It sure is!


What is weather like in Taiwan?

Taiwan's landscapes will move you through a variety of ecosystems and climates, but generally remains in a  very comfortable temperature range. When the sun is out at the lower elevations, it can be warm and humid, while the higher elevations are cool and crisp. The southern region is tropical, which means rain is a possibility. 


What is the weather like in Colorado?

During the times that our tours are schedule in Colorado, weather will be summer like, with the occasional afternoon thunderstorm.  


Are all of my meals included?

Yes, we will cover provide every meal for you during the specified trip timeline. If you want to add more time before or after your trip with us, please let us know if you need any help or suggestions! 

Where should I fly into?

If you are joining one of our Colorado rides, fly into Denver, Colorado (DEN) and we will pick you up there. If you are joining one of our Taiwan rides, fly into Taipei, Taiwan (TPE) and we will pick you up there. Taipei has two airports, make sure to pick the one called Taoyuan. TPE is the abbreviation for the correct choice into Taipei. 


How much is airfare to Taiwan? To Colorado?

Taipei, Taiwan (TPE) and Denver, Colorado (DEN) both have international airports, making travel quite easy and affordable. $500-$900 is the cost of a typical round trip.

Can you help me exchange currency?

Yes! Chat with us about your needs and we can come up with a good plan for you. Typically pulling money out of an ATM with a debit card once you arrive is one of the cheapest methods. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help before you trip though, we may be able to give you a great solution. 


Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Yes, we have taken care of many riders with a wide variety of dietary restrictions, food allergies and lifestyles. 


Do I need a passport?

If traveling to a country different than where you're currently located, you'll need a passport. 

Will you help me build my bike when I arrive and pack it before I leave?

Yes! We will be happy to help you build it and re-pack it for your trip back home. 

How nice are the hotels we will stay in?

Expect to stay in high-quality, clean hotels with great service. We want you to be comfortable and able to recover each night. We have chosen the hotels accordingly. 

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