The Colorado High

Road Cycling Training Camp

 All-Inclusive | Inspirational | 9 Days 
Train, eat, Improve

Days of Riding - 6 (with optional rest days)

Daily Average Ride Distance - 45 miles

Daily Vertical Gain - 500' - 8,500' (avg. 4,500')

Average Temperatures - 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Total Number of Trip Days - 9 (including arrival/departure)

Riding Style - paved, mountain, inspirational

Accommodations - 3-star or higher

Meals - local, cultural, delicious, unique

Trip Locations - Boulder, Mount Evans, Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs

 Advantages of Sig's Rides 

  • We care about you, we share your passion

  • Highly trained guides (coaches & interpreters)

  • Local knowledge & experience (We live here!)

  • Above & beyond personal service

  • We understand what you need for a great riding trip

  • Trusted & worldwide reputation  

 Advantages of Colorado 

  • Technical and breathtaking roads & environment

  • Ideal for altitude experience 

  • Challenge yourself on the America's highest roads

  • Phenomenal cycling roads, views and culture

  • Fine cuisine & traditional foods

  • Perfect mix of training, culture, nature, challenge

Boulder  -  Mount Evans - Pikes Peak - Rocky Mountain National Park 

Day 1

Arrival & First Group Meal

DEN -> Boulder Accommodations

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Vertical Gain - 0 feet

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Your Arrival Time - greeted at Denver International Airport, (try to arrive before 19:00)

  • Upon arrival - guides help with luggage & provide transportation 

  • Check into hotel & rest

  • 19:00 - dinner & briefing  (Boulder restaurant)

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Boulder Hotel

     This day is about arrival and helping to get you recovered and rested from your flight.  You'll be greeted at Denver  International Airport (DEN). Your guides will help you with your luggage, bring you to your hotel, and get you checked in and settled.

     We will plan a group dinner for all riders who have arrived early enough, to meet one another and give a full briefing of the week ahead. After dinner, if you are recovering from travel, feel free to return to your room to sleep it off, or enjoy a bit more of what Boulder has to offer. Those that arrive too late to join for dinner will be briefed when they are fresh in the morning. 

* Note: You are responsible for choosing and purchasing your own flights. This gives you scheduling freedom and ability to buy the way you like (money or points). Please plan arrival to DEN no later than 19:00 if possible. 

Day 2

Boulder Road Cycling Culture & Rapha Clubhouse

Boulder -> Canyon Riding -> Boulder

Day's Ride Distance - 40 miles

Day's Vertical Gain - 3,000

Riding Style - mountain, canyon, riverside, urban

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​08:00-09:00 breakfast provided

  • 09:00 - ride classic canyon & foothills routes

  • Lunch - mountain town lunch

  • Afternoon ride - descent back to Boulder

  • Post ride - coffee at Rapha

  • Afternoon - rest

  • Early dinner - Boulder restaurant

  • 20:30 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Boulder hotel

     Today you're bound to be buzzin as we hop on our bikes and set off for your first ride in Colorado. The riding today will allow us to ease into the week, recover from traveling and see a bit of Boulder. 

     After a good American breakfast, we'll check out the canyon roads that have shaped the Boulder riding culture. Then, you can spin the legs out as we descend back into Boulder. 

     We'll treat you to some unique stops along the way and provide insight into the culture of Colorado mountain towns. We arrive back in Boulder early enough in the afternoon to enjoy coffee at the local Rapha Clubhouse. After an afternoon treat, we'll relax until we gather for an early dinner. 

Day 3

Trail Ridge Road & Rocky Mountain National Park

Boulder -> RMNP -> Winter Park

Day's Ride Distance - 45 miles

Day's Vertical Gain - 5,200

Riding Style - mountains, high-alpine, valley

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - cyclist's breakfast

  • AM - SAG vehicle to Estes Park for coffee

  • Morning Ride - climb into Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Lunch - catered picnic in national park with a view

  • Afternoon - ride descent into wildlife valley

  • Post Ride - relaxation in Winter Park

  • Dinner- early dinner at mountain resort restaurant

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Winter Park hotel

     We'll see big views and wildlife on today's ride. After starting the day off right with coffee in Estes Park, we'll enter Rocky Mountain National Park on our bikes and climb our way to the top of Trail Ridge Rd. It's impossible to not find inspiration from the views of this world-famous national park.   

     Keep your eyes out for wildlife. It is fun and normal to see elk, coyote, moose, and even bears along the route. Don't worry, our guides and support vehicle will look after you. We'll enjoy a catered picnic lunch with a view before descending into a beautiful lush valley on the west side of the national Park.

     We'll then take a relaxing drive to Winter Park where riders can rest at the spa, with a hike or by watching mountain bike riders at the bike park.  

Day 4

Mountain Spin & Fresh Air (Light Day)

Winter Park 

Day's Ride Distance - 20-50 miles (options)

Day's Vertical Gain - 250-1000 feet (options)

Riding Style - mountain valley

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - home-cooked, in-house prepared meal

  • AM - valley spin ride (prepare for next big day)

  • Lunch - home-cooked, in-house prepared meal

  • Afternoon - relaxing options: sightseeing, spa, hike, gondola

  • Dinner- Winter Park restaurant

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Winter Park vacation condo

     You'll have options today. We'll focus on getting you ready to conquer Mount Evans the following day. We'll enjoy a lazy morning schedule, tasty breakfast, then head out for a flat, valley spin. The ride will have options to extend the distance or add ver if you desire. We'll work with each rider individually to help design their best riding plan for the day. 

     The afternoon will provide time and options to sightsee, walk local towns, ride a gondola, hike and other recovery methods.  

Day 5

Mount Evans (Highest Road in America)

Mountain Evans -> 14,130'

Day's Ride Distance - 65 miles (28 mile climb)

Day's Vertical Gain - 7,500 feet

Riding Style - hill climb, mountains, canyon, high-alpine

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - home-cooked, in-house prepared

  • AM - ride from Idaho Springs to Mount Evans Summit

  • Lunch - catered lunch on Mount Evans

  • Afternoon - descend Mount Evans to Idaho Springs

  • Post Ride - riverside relaxation

  • Dinner- big refueling dinner

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Idaho Springs hotel

     How deep will you dig? This is your chance to conquer and climb the highest paved road in North America! Today's ride is what the word "epic" should be reserved for. You will have to push yourself on this day in order to complete the ride, maybe farther than you ever have before. We'll support you the whole way with food, water, and a SAG vehicle when needed.

     This route includes 28 miles of climbing starting from 7,500 feet to an unbelievable elevation of 14,130'. Views on this ride just get better and better, the higher you go. You'll even pass ancient evergreens that are thousands of years old. After we celebrate together at the top, you'll have the option to descend back down. Woooohooo! 

Day 6

Recovery - Colorado Mountain Relaxation

Frisco -> Breckenridge

Day's Ride Distance - 0-20 miles (optional)

Day's Vertical Gain - 0-1000 feet (optional)

Riding Style - mountain towns and lakes

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - American diner

  • AM - scenic field trip (with SAG vehicle)

  • Lunch - mountain town restaurant

  • Afternoon - optional recovery ride

  • Dinner- Breckenridge restaurant

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - Breckenridge vacation home

     Let's rest today. You worked so hard climbing to the summit of Mount Evans yesterday, take the day off. If your rest style is a spin, don't worry, we provide you the option of spinning through beautiful mountain roads to Breckenridge.

     But if you prefer to stay off the bike for a day, you'll have the option of jumping in our SAG vehicle for a field trip over a splendid mountain pass and through small mountain towns to enjoy Colorado food and drink. 

Day 7

South park Valley 

South park -> Woodland Park

Day's Ride Distance - 50 miles

Day's Vertical Gain - 3,000 feet 

Riding Style - mountain valley, rolling hills

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - home-cooked, prepared in-house

  • AM - ride through South Park

  • Lunch - catered picnic

  • Post Ride - visit brewey

  • Dinner- restaurant with a view

  • 21:00 - group guided-time concludes

  • Accommodations - base of Pike's Peak vacation home

     Heard of the TV show South Park? Today we'll ride through rolling hills and small towns where the creators of that show lived. Their imagination thought up the show's characters from their experiences in these small towns.

     The riding on this gives riders the chance to ride through vast, open stretches of roads, breath fresh air and enjoy the feeling of The West, deep in the Rocky Mountains. This area offers an enjoyable contrast to the big climbs on the other days. 


Day 8

Pikes Peak (America's Mountain)

Pike's Peak Highway -> 14,115

Day's Ride Distance - 65 miles (18 mile climb)

Day's Vertical Gain - 7,850 feet 

Riding Style - hill climb, high-alpine

Day's Itinerary:

  • ​Breakfast - local restaurant

  • AM - ride up Pike's Peak

  • Lunch - small mountain restaurant

  • Afternoon - SAG vehicle to Denver

  • Dinner - celebratory group dinner

  • Accommodations - Denver hotel

     Our final day of riding! You have one last big effort in you before you can spend a few days recovering and relishing in the efforts you just put in! Today's route is up the second highest road in North America, to the summit of the world-famous Pike's Peak.  We'll share the historical reason why this mountain is important to America, details about it's famous racing history, and you might see Big Foot.  

     Our final evening together will allow us the chance to enjoy a celebratory meal to socialize and reminisce about the incredible week of riding in Colorado we just spent together. Thank you for joining this special trip! 

Day 9

Farewells & Departure

Denver Hotel -> Denver Airport

Day's Ride Distance - 0 miles

Day's Vertical Gain - 0 feet

Day's Itinerary:

  • Breakfast - rolling time for departures

  • AM Options - local sightseeing

  • Transportation to airport

     You did it! You just rode some of the most spectacular roads in the world. No doubt that we are all feeling energized and grateful for the opportunities that bicycles bring us, to experience the world, bond with one another and have fun! And, once you recover, you'll feel like a very powerful rider, ready to conquer challenge that comes your way! 

     Because you choose your own flights home, this day will revolve around accommodating multiple different flight times and post-trip plans. We'll provide you a send off breakfast, transportation back to the airport, and our sincere gratitude for allowing us the chance to take care of you for the week. Maybe we will even have the chance to start discussing where you'd like to ride next! 

Have a question? Don't wait, email us your question now. 

When Can I go?

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What Can I Expect?

- World-class riding, fully-supported

- An intensely rewarding week of riding, exploration, & experience 

- Daily ride distance of 20-70 miles

- Daily elevation gain of 500 - 8,000 feet

- Incredible summer weather for training, riding and relaxation

- SAG & Mechanical support

-Nutrition supplied during rides

- Luggage delivery to all destinations

- Professional guides and staff taking care of you, on and off the bike

- Translation Mandarin Chinese/English

- 7 days of riding (always options to rest)

- Options to recover with spa, hiking, shopping, great cuisine and socializing 

- Clean & comfortable accommodations

- Riding high-alpine mountain roads (5,500' - 14,000+')

- Delicious, cultural and local cuisine 

- Paved-road riding

- Experience of the interesting & fun bicycle culture of Colorado

- special Colorado recovery methods

What Am I Getting?

We make this easy for you; once you arrive, you don't have to plan or worry about a thing. Just focus on your riding and enjoy experiencing the surroundings. Everything needed is included in the price. 

Included in Price:


- A unique experience (Colorado is spectacular!)

- Professional, experienced guides

- Routes chosen by local, experienced riders

- All accommodations, arrival to departure (shared room)

- All meals

- Nutrition & hydration on rides

- Translators (Mandarin/English)

- SAG vehicle support on every ride

- All transportation including airport pick up and drop off

- Mechanical support (including bike build and re-pack)

- Logistics & routes to accommodate various riding goals

- Sharing culture & gaining understanding of one another

- Cell phone SIM Card with unlimited data (*for Taiwanese)

- Sig's Rides Pre-Trip Gift Pack

- Gift to commemorate your trip

"If you get a chance, schedule a trip with Gerry and Yumi at Sig's Rides. We are already looking forward to our next trip with them."

- Rob, Camarillo, CA

Not Included in Price:

- Shopping

- Alcohol

- Flights

- Massage (but we will help coordinate)

- Food purchases in between provided meals

- Bike rental (we have various models available)

Choose Your Bike

Most riders bring their own bike. We will help you assemble it upon arrival and pack it for departure. 


Prefer to rent while you're here? We can provide a variety of bikes and components of different levels. Email us here to tell us you'd like to be matched up with the right bike. 

Additional Choices

Rent A Bike

We provide a variety of bikes for rent. We'll discuss with you to put you on the perfect bike.

*Request Pricing*

Treat Yourself!

If you like your alone time after a day of riding, request your own room in all accommodations!

+$750  USD

What Are Riders Saying?

"This was just what I needed to change things up. I was able to push myself to new levels on the rides, and feel inspired and energized from experiencing a new culture and meeting new riding friends."

- Steven, Denver CO

"Thank you Sig's Rides! That was a phenomenal camp! I'll be back for more."

- Jose, Miami Beach FL

Don't miss your chance for the trip of a lifetime, group size is limited to eight riders! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go to Colorado?

Colorado is one of the most challenging and rewarding places in the world to ride. The Rocky Mountains provide views that cannot be forgotten. The high altitudes will help you grow as a rider, helping you take your riding and fitness to the next level. There is something deeply satisfying about breathing the fresh wilderness air of The West.  

What makes Sig's Rides' trips different?

We include everything and make it simple for you. No fine print or tricks. From the moment you land until you take off, everything is taken care of and included in the price.  

How are the routes chosen?

We live and grew up in Colorado. Riding  and exploring this state is our passion. We're involved in local clubs and advocacy groups. We build the routes and logistics around the goal of giving you the best riding experience of your life, regardless of skill level. We've traveled the world to ride and race and can confidently tell you this place must be experienced. 

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, if you prefer not to bring your own bike. we work with a few partners to supply the level of bike you prefer. We'll discuss with you to match you with the right bike for the right price. 

How high is Colorado's elevation?

Most accommodations will be 5k'-7k' in elevation. We will ride on some roads as high as 14k+'.

What if I cannot speak English?

Don't worry at all! We speak both English and Mandarin and will support you with translation every step of the way.

What if I can't complete the routes?

Don't worry! These routes are designed to allow you to push yourself and reach challenging goals you set, but whenever needed, the SAG vehicle, rest, food, hydration and mechanical support are ready to support you and give you a ride.

Is this tour guided?

Yes. This tour is fully-guided and supported. You'll be well-taken care of by our team. 

Will we climb America's highest roads?

Yep! You'll have your chance to conquer the highest roads, including Mount Evans (#1), Pike's Peak (#2) and Trail Ridge Rd.  

Do I need to worry about altitude sickness?

No, most of our riders and travelers cope with it just fine. We do provide support and the ability to help protect you from and relieve you of altitude sickness should it occur. It is a minor or non-issue for most riders. 

Is marijuana legal in Colorado?

Yes. It is completely legal to eat or smoke weed in Colorado. 

Do you offer travelers insurance?

No, but we can provide you information for a company that does. 

Which airport should I fly into?

DEN - Denver International Airport. 


Is the $500 deposit refundable?

Yes. Your $500 deposit to hold your spot is 100% refundable if your plans change. 

Payment Policy

$500 to reserve your spot

50% of total due 120 days before trip start

100% of total due 30 days before trip start

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover credit cards. We can also accommodate other forms of payments. Email Gerry Sig at to request alternative payment methods. 

Have a question? Don't wait, email us your question now.

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