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These Cycling Camps Include:

Accommodations | Meals | Transportation & SAG | Guides | Optimized Routes | Translators

Location: Taiwan


Riding Days: 6 (options to rest)

Daily Ride DIst.: 20-100 miles

Daily Elevation Gain: 500'-15k'


Riding Style: paved, mountain, coastal, inspirational 


Focus: Training, challenge, discovery, culture, exploration, food, social time, environment


Highlights: Taroko National Park, North Coast, Taipei, Taiwan East Coast, Northern Traverse, cuisine

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Price: $3,250 USD

Locations: Taiwan


Riding Days: 6 (options to rest)


Daily Ride Dis.: 20-100 miles

Daily Elevation Gain: 500'-15k'


Riding Style : gravel, paved, mountain, coast, inspirational


Focus: Exploration, challenge, discovery, culture, training, food, social time, environment


Highlights: TBA


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Pricing: $3,250 USD

 All-Inclusive - Inspiring 

We make this easy for you; once you arrive, you don't have to plan or worry about a thing. Just focus on your riding and enjoy experiencing the surroundings. Everything needed is included in the price. Even a SIM card for your cell phone (with unlimited data) is included so that you can reach your family and friends. 

Included in Price:


- A unique experience (Taiwan is a treasure!)

- Professional, experienced guides

- Routes chosen by local, experienced riders

- All accommodations, arrival to departure (shared room)

- All meals

- Nutrition & hydration on rides

- Translators (Mandarin/English)

- SAG vehicle support on every ride

- All transportation including airport pick up and drop off

- Mechanical support (including bike build and re-pack)

- Logistics & routes to accommodate various riding goals

- Sharing culture & gaining understanding of one another

- Cell phone SIM Card with unlimited data

- Sig's Rides Pre-Trip Gift Pack

- Gift to commemorate your trip

"If you get a chance, schedule a trip with Gerry and Yumi at Sig's Rides. We are already looking forward to our next trip with them."

- Rob, Camarillo, CA

Not Included in Price:

- Shopping

- Alcohol

- Flights

- Massage (but we will help coordinate)

- Food purchases in between provided meals

- Bike rental (we have various models available)

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