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Why Choose Sig's Rides?

We take care of everything for you! From the moment you land at the airport, we handle every detail. You don't have to worry, research, stress or even think! You've come to enjoy your bike, your surroundings and who you're with. We provide you the best training opportunities.


Book a riding camp with us and enjoy everything below:

- World-class riding routes chosen by experienced riders who understand

- Professional and knowledgeable guides and support vehicles carrying your luggage, food and equipment

- Ideal and charming accommodations perfectly suitable for each type of ride

- Details and logistics fully planned to allow you to take in local food, culture, scenery and riding

- All meals provided and focused on delicious foods of the region

- Choose from a selection of our provided high-quality bikes or bring your own, we provide mechanical support

- Riding schedules and locations that will have accompanying, non-riders loving the experience as well 

- All transportation necessary between rides including from/to airports, hotels, restaurants, sights, etc. 

- Translation between Mandarin Chinese and English

- A gift bag filled with items to help make your trip more pleasurable

- Opportunities to enjoy regional luxuries like hot springs, hikes, wildlife, cuisine & *marijuana (*Colorado only) 

- Caring guides that look after you in every location, on every ride, every moment you're away from home




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Meet The Team

Gerry Sig

       I’m thrilled to offer passionate riders truly bucket list riding camps. After years of traveling the world as a professional racer and riding coach on both motorcycles and bicycles, I decided Colorado and Taiwan are two of the best riding zones on Earth. Their mix of exhilarating roads and trails, breathtaking scenery, and cultural uniqueness moves me, every ride. I’m so touched by these locations. I want to help others experience them. The emotional and physical transformations we go through on an epic ride, in a location unlike what we know, which allows us to connect to nature and people, is a life-changing experience. This is what motivates me to bring these riding opportunities to you. I created Sig’s Rides to deliver the best possible riding experience for you, your friends and loved ones. Look at the list below to learn why a week with us is your best possible option. 

                                                                                       - Gerry “Sig” Signorelli


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Payment Policy

Adjusted for COVID-19

$500 to reserve your spot

50% due 120 days before trip start

100% due 30 days before trip

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